Wednesday, May 7, 2008

John Adams goes green

Did you happen to catch HBO's fantabulous "John Adams"? Besides the fact that it was just rip-roaringly amazing, I was awestruck by the set decoration and costumes. Gorgeous is an understatement. I'm sure the production will win every related Emmy and maybe an Oscar, too since there isn't a movie out there that can hold a candle!

The use of green throughout the show was fascinating. You could almost see an oil painter's palette in the set designer's hands, as she daubed leaf green and chartreuse and then added in some dark olive. Just beautiful.

If you get a chance to watch, keep your eye on the use of evergreen. Every time John reaches a pinnacle or enters a crossroads of his life, evergreen appears. For example, when the Continental Congress first meets in Philadelphia, the walls are painted a light bluish green. But as John gains power, the walls change to dark green. The same color appears when his beloved daughter, Nabby, dies and when he becomes ill, too. Watch for it!

And then check out the gorgeous lavender that Thomas Jefferson always wears to play up his red coif!

The entire colonial affair is truly a feast for the eyes.

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John Matthews said...

I just finished watching this - I have it on DVD... And it was excellent. However - if yoiu ever use the word "fantabulous" again, I might have to strangle you.

Your Brother