Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tom's sweater

I went down to Tom's on Friday and finally got a picture of him in the sweater I made him for Christmas. I'm particularly proud of this garment because it fits him so well. He's tremendously tall and has these crazy long-ass arms, so I was was afraid the whole thing would ride up and look dorky. Worried, I had every tall dude I know try it on while I was making it. Smart idea, because it fits him like a glove. I knitted it in Patons SWS which is strangely 70% wool and 30% soybean! It's nice and soft though.

It was a great day down in Southern Maryland, as you can see. I made dinner for Tom and Michael, creating to-die-for fajitas with all-fresh ingredients and homemade guacamole. OMG. That's all I can say, it was so good. Better than any Mexican restaurant by far. The only thing missing was the pitcher of margaritas. Next time...

Moose enjoyed his day in the country. I hope he didn't come home with fleas - I ordered the Frontline but it hasn't gotten here yet. Moose the Apartment Doggie likes being able to run around on Tom's property without a leash. I never thought he'd ever be a farm dog, but given how much fun he had today, I think he might like playing one on TV!

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