Monday, April 21, 2008

Wacko pugs, installment 1

I once edited Wacko Pugs, an online photo album of pug mutts. I posted pictures of pugs who had been purposely or inadvertently been bred with some other sort of dog. For example, many folks like puggles, or pug + beagles.

Well, over a couple of months, my Wacko Pugs site spread like the flu in a February kindergarten class. People from all over the world visited the site and 99 percent of them thought it was great.

And there there was the other one percent who believed I was:

1. Stealing pictures of their beloved pugs
2. Making fun of their beloved pugs
3. Purposely breeding their beloved pugs with other dogs (?!)

So these numbskulls started sending hate mail to me and to each other. That sure whipped them into a frenzy, so they posted my site to the dog rescue message boards and OMG! They were a pack of ravenous dogs and I was the limping gazelle. They called me every name in the book and threatened my life and guaranteed eternal damnation and ensured all manners of punishment until I finally called uncle and just shut the whole damn site down. Which was really a shame because all it was was just a bunch of pictures of really cute dogs.

Being the contrarian that I am, I am reviving Wacko Pugs in this forum for your and my enjoyment. I'm going to post these pretty pooches when I get tired of pouting everyday and don't have anything nice to say (like today - like lately!). I hope they make you smile.


John Matthews said...

LOVE the Wacko pugs - but some of these pictures are a little scary... God does work in mysterious ways... or science, if you choose to believe my smart-ass son...

Nimfa, Boston Terrier owner said...

I like the photos. I would love to have pugs too.