Friday, June 13, 2008

Wacko pugs, installment 2

My beloved brother and nephew have declared me a lazy blogger - and they're right. To repent for my sins and to celebrate the universe's diverse design sense, I offer Round 2 of Wacko Pugs. (You might also want to check out Wacko pugs, installment 1).

First up, we have a cute pug/beagle mix, otherwise known as a puggle:

Next, a pekinese/pug combo that looks like it has some shepherd mixed in as well, but I might be wrong:

Our third unique creation is actually a two-some whose parents are Brussels griffon and pug:

Next up, a beautiful, blue-eyed (or is it just a blue version of red eye?) black lab/pug mix:

And finally, here's something I bet you'd never see: a crocodile/pug mutt!


Unknown said...

The two pug/giffons are my two girls! they were about 1 year in that picture they are turning 5 this month!

Unknown said...

those 2 pug/griffons are my girls. they were about 1 year in that pictures and are turning 5 this month. Glad you like them, they are even cuter now.

Natalie on brussels griffon training said...

I think I need to look for the crocodile cross bred puppy. It's a rare find. You made me laugh at that last photo. Cute costume.