Friday, March 13, 2009

Know your retro logo?

This quiz appeared in a recent issue of "Taste of Home" magazine.

Name that Character!

Long before screen celebs and pro athletes were tapped as product spokespeople, the stars of TV ads were often animated characters, many of which have become endearing icons that transport us back to our childhoods. Test your food-icon memory. See if you can match these "celebs" with their companies and little-known facts.

  1. The product of a company brainstorm, this single image spoke to the consistent quality of the product - no matter what the weather.

  2. The first representation of this character had crazy hair and a fur wrap for clothing.

  3. The idea for this dapper chap came from a 1916 contest. The 13-year-old schoolboy winner took home $5 for his effort.

  4. In 1925, this company's owner snapped a photo of a handsome waiter at a Chicago restaurant. The waiter was paid $5; his name was never recorded. He remains the face of the brand to this day.

  5. By 1902, this treat was so popular that it was features in the Sears, Roebuck catalog with no description at all.

  6. It's suggested that this icon inspired the ubiquitous yellow "happy face" that grew popular in the 1970s.

  7. In 1928, artist Dorothy Hope Smith sent in a sketch she hoped this company's owners would use as their logo (they did). The original is now stored under glass in the company vault.

1. F - Morton Salt
2. C - Green Giant
3. E - Planters Peanuts
4. G - Cream of Wheat
5. A - Cracker Jack
6. D - KoolAid
7. B - Gerber Baby Food

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